How to Brand Anything

Are you wondering if The Media Lab is for you?

Are you ambitious, creative, driven to do more and make bigger breakthroughs in 2020?

If you love having fun while you get down to business, we might be for you.

The Media Lab’s EXPLORER program is the EXCLUSIVE source of the How to Brand Anything Guaranteed Offer Development Service by GENR8 Technology.

Build a valuable brand that creates automatic sales in 2020 and beyond.

Co-Create and develop exceptional brand offers!

The Media Lab is a unique, synergy-levering program developed for today’s entrepreneurs by innovative entrepreneur and branding guru Bryce Maynard Winter. Following decades of research and testing in major metropolitan centers in Canada and the USA, we are launching The Media Lab in February, 2020.

Build confidence in your brand, your product & yourself.

The world of branding is a world of opportunities. In today’s frenetic world, we rarely step back long enough to examine the mechanisms, the reasons behind why we do things and how we do them. The risk of being run by the rat race is all too real. This program brings together community and expertise to co-create innovative solutions on a solid backdrop of the How to Brand Anything systems, centering on developing effective offers that automagically connect your brand, your community and your market.

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How to Brand Anything

Create Instant Alignment With Your Message


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